Where are you based?

In England’s beautiful Lake District. Former home to other people who knew a thing or two about writing – Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth, and Arthur Ransome.

What’s your tone of voice like?

What do you want it to be like? For some clients I adapt my travel copywriting tone to suit established brand guidelines, but with others I use variations of my own voice. It’s one reason they keep coming back. I’m a huge believer of using phrases that communicate rather than postulate, to connect with real people in the real world. Sure, I know a lot of big words, but they can put up barriers which is why conversational and sometimes humorous copy is my bread and butter when it comes to travel content writing.

Does that make you sound unprofessional?

Possibly. I’m not right for everyone, just as they’re not always right for me.

What words do you love?

Punctuate, gubbins, waffle.

I’m also a fan of regional language variations – did you know that around the UK, an alleyway is also known as a jitty, ginnel, close, or snicket?

And any you hate?

Reach out, touch base, pain points. Basically, any sort of corporate pomposity. Let’s cut the jargon and just talk business, person to person.

What are your specialist industries?

It’s travel and hospitality all the way. I’ve worked in travel for 20 years, with roles in sales, marketing, operations, and management perfectly positioning me as a true industry insider. We’ll just gloss over my stint as a tour rep at Disneyland for now.  I’m a professional travel blogger too, and have worked with tourist boards, hotels, agencies, and activity providers all over the world to promote their services.

Who is your perfect client?

Anyone who is fun to work with and doesn’t live and breathe corporate jargon. Someone who knows how to put together a decent brief so I can just crack on is ideal, but I’m happy to guide those who are just starting out on this journey.

I have a soft spot for partnering with small-medium sized businesses and start-ups who are looking to establish or polish their voice.

Can you spill the beans on who you’ve worked with?

I’ve done travel copywriting for some of the world’s largest flight and holiday metasearch engines, as well as a super-fun project writing Sat Nav itineraries and voice prompts for a high-end sports car manufacturer. I’m the resident ghost writer for several well-known safari operators, and know my bushbuck from my blesbok. My work has appeared in airline magazines, on travel trade stands, and in tour operator brochures.

I’ve also written web copy for innovative travel businesses like TourScanner, Apus Peru, Far and Wild Travel Ltd, James Villas, For Rangers Adventures, Road.Travel, Touring Bird (Google), Beach Villas, Travel Scoop, Progressive Practice Sales, AT Revenue, and through Quill Content I’ve worked with Louvre Hotels, Aspinal of London, Boden, and Victorian Plumbing.

How do you accept payment?

BACS, Wise, Paypal (if you really must), Chocolate…

What if I want to make some changes?

I always include one round of edits with each travel copywriting project. Want more? I can sometimes be bribed with cake.

Will you copy edit an existing draft?

Sure! Let me take a look and I’ll give you a quote based on how long I think it’ll take me.

What is your turnaround time?

That depends on my current workload and the size of your project. As a rule, I only take on two new clients each month to ensure I can give you the time you need.

What about copyright?

Usually, copyright for all published content will pass to you on payment of your final invoice.

Will you edit AI copy?

Sure. But it’ll probably cost you more than if I’d have written it from scratch, as I’ll have to unpick all the mistakes, fact-check everything, edit the tone and narrative, add a human touch, connect ideals, and sprinkle in a bit of logic.

Is there a minimum project size?

No. I’m happy to take on anything from a single page of copy to an entire website. I offer options for monthly retainers too. Whatever keeps me in biscuits.

Do you understand SEO?

I eat it for breakfast! And have multiple articles that appear on page one of a certain search engine.

Do you only write copy for websites?

Nope. I can also work my magic on brochures, email marketing, newsletters, ads, press releases and social media posts.

What format do you provide the copy in?

Usually Microsoft Word, but if you have a better idea, I’m all ears. Having created and managed several websites I can also upload content directly to your site and save you the hassle.

Which locations do you work in?

Travel copywriting is a remote job, which means I get to work with lovely businesses all around the world, from Carlisle to Cusco, and from Johannesburg to Jakarta. If you want to meet in person, I’m UK-based.

Why should I work with you and not an agency?

It’s all about the personal touch, and I’m a specialist rather than a generalist, so you’ll be working with someone who knows what they’re talking about! And my overheads are low, savings that I always pass on to you.

So how do I get the ball rolling?

Either fill in the contact form, or drop me an email at hello (at) heathercole.co.uk and tell me a bit about your business, your project, and your goals. Can’t wait to talk!